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Tempest Rising (Jane True)

Tempest Rising - Nicole Peeler Let me give two warnings. First, don’t be fooled by the cute cartoonish cover of the books, they’re really NOT for teens. And, second, for those of you living with other people, don’t start reading this book at 2am because you’ll find yourself trying – and failing – to contain constant bursts of laughter just with the first chapter. I did have a small issue during the second chapter, when Jane True goes swimming in a storm to relax she sees something in the water. Further on it says its 1am, at which point one has to ask if 1) there was a full moon or 2) she has super human vision. The first couldn’t be, because a chapter later she says there’s a crescent moon. So I guess it would be the second? Hmm. As the story progresses it gets really interesting with a whole new take on several mythological creatures like the always-fabulous vampires, wrinkly lady gnomes, and the less known selkies and kelpies of celtic/irish mythology. Jane discovers she is one of these, and also learns she is now involved in a crime investigation of the mystical kind, where someone is killing off all the halflings like her. Helping Ryu, the assigned investigator and her new lover, solve the mystery becomes an excitingly fresh adventure full of humor, corpses, some horribly creepy men, a few deliciously hot men, and just the writing magic of Nicole Peeler.