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Evernight (Evernight, Book 1)

Evernight  - Claudia Gray Bianca is the new girl at Evernight Academy, a place where the rich kids are more voracious than usual. It’s the first day and already she has been tackled (literally) by who could be the most gorgeous and dangerous guy in school. Lucas Ross is also a new student at Evernight, and he is constantly warning Bianca to be careful and looking out for her. What happens if she is not the one in real danger, but he is? Or is he? Secrets will be revealed and unbreakable bonds will be formed that will create havoc both for Bianca’s and Lucas’s families. I won’t give much background here, because part of the fun in reading this was the surprise bombs that kept falling. And I mean surprises that will leave you reeling momentarily in mix of confusion, shock and wonder. So, that first paragraph is all you’re getting from me! The beginning story is a bit slow going, but there is a bunch of school drama, boy drama, etc, to keep you entertained for the most part. But it took a heck of a long time for the first supernatural thing to be mentioned. All the first part was suspense and hints at weird things. I just wanted someone to come out and shout “SUPERNATURALS LIVE HERE!” Or something. I thought it was very cleverly done though. How Claudia Gray (author) managed to skip all the incriminating details, failing to mention certain key elements. It really had me guessing for a while. Aside from falling in love with the main characters and their romance, I really liked one of the secondary characters. Usually I don’t even mention them in my reviews, but I will here. I’m talking about sexy sweet Balthazar. I hope he makes more appearances in the other novels and I can’t wait for the release of his novelette.The ending had me feeling very sad but hopeful for the continuation of this story. I strongly recommend Evernight to every vamp lover out there. You’ll love this! Believe me, as soon as I finished reading it, I went online and ordered the other three novels. I can’t wait until they get here!