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Cast in Ruin (Chronicles of Elantra, Book 7)

Cast in Ruin - Michelle Sagara, Michelle Sagara West Dealing with the aftermath of the disaster on Elani street, also known as the almost end of the world, Kaylin Neya finds herself going through the torture of desk duty. What’s more, here lessons in etiquette are to resume immediately if she is to be ready for the upcoming meeting with the Emperor. Kaylin is almost grateful when she is called on an unofficial assignment to investigate several unusual deaths in the new fief of Tiamaris. But her relief is only momentary. Kaylin’s magic decides (as always) to flare up at the worst moment and gets her into deep trouble (again). This time she ends up claiming the True Name of an eight foot tall unknown warrior that comes out of the Shadows. He is now bound to Kaylin, but also to another. He gives Kaylin his magical sword to prevent the dark master from using him, but the sword seems to have a personality of its own. With the help of her friend Severn, three very irritable dragons, and a powerful avatar, Kaylin will have to discover the true identity of the victims.Cast in Ruin is another thrilling chapter in the life of Private Kaylin Neya. Michelle Sagara’s Chronicles of Elantra have always drawn me in with its intricately fun dialogue, the investigative nature of Kaylin’s work, and the constant danger of being eaten by Dragons or ripped to shreds by a Leontine. It all becomes this sort of super fantasy detective story and I love it!Kaylin is one of my favorite characters of all time. She usually never knows exactly what she is doing, but she follows her intuition and never gives up even when her own life is in danger. Of course she has Severn to help her along. He is Kaylin’s pillar, always there providing strength, love and understanding. I just wish Kaylin worked already through her issues and accepted him into her life. I’m still hoping for that one to happen in the next book! Then there are the dragons, and those I can never resist. Not even when their eyes turn full red, their noses spew flame and the floor starts melting. And is it me or have Tiamaris, Sanabalis, and dare I say even The Arkon have become a bit more relaxed around Kaylin. I think so. Now with the addition of Bellusdeo, Kaylin’s life is bound to get more interesting than ever. Can’t wait for Cast in Peril!