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Awake at Dawn (Shadow Falls)

Awake at Dawn - C.C. Hunter Kylie summer can’t get any more complicated, or so she thought after discovering she is a supernatural being. Of what kind? She doesn’t know yet, but that’s just the beginning of her problems. Boy troubles, identity issues, a bloody puking ghost, and a growth spurt have Kylie downing ice cream like crazy and talking to her counselor more than ever. Holiday’s advice is always welcome, but even she can’t make head or tails of the changes and abilities that Kylie is acquiring at an alarmingly fast rate. At least she has her two best friends, Della the snarky vampire and Miranda the love sick witch. But they have troubles of their own, so Kylie really needs to work on her own as best as she can. This is the second book in the series, so I already expected it to be kind of “less” than the first one. It’s all about Kylie and her problems, her many counseling sessions and stuff. She got a bit whinny during the sessions, and I just wanted to smack her sometimes. There wasn’t much romance either. There were a couple of moments with Derek, the half-faery with the snug jeans (yes, please), and later on sexy-as-sin Lucas appears. But it’s all trouble in paradise since Kylie can’t seem to get her feelings (or anything else) in order. The real mystery and action came in the last five chapters or so, at least I didn’t anticipate any of what happened. And it ends in a cliff hanger for the next novel. So even though I had my laughs, and I got angry at some characters, I can only give this a 3 out of 5.