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A Fractured Light (Beautiful Dark)

A Fractured Light - Jocelyn Davies Skye seventeenth birthday started off pretty good, with a surprise party and her best friends. Then it ended up with two gorgeous boys fighting (apparently over her) and an explosion. With the appearance of Davin and Asher, strange things begin happening around Skye, especially when her emotions run out of control. But hey, who can blame her? These two certainly stir up wild emotions within her. But it’s more than that. An ancient war, her true heritage, opposite sides wanting to use her… Skye will have a hard time deciding between light and dark, order and chaos, blue eyed Devin and dark haired Asher. Oh my goodness! Reading A Beautiful Dark has been a delicious adventure. Skye is a great heroine to read. I liked that at all times she didn’t let herself be swayed, up until the end she was always questioning their intentions. Sure she falls for them, who wouldn’t!? What I mean is that it never clouds her judgment. I respected that. She doesn’t even let herself be bullied by psycho Raven—who, by the way, scared the crap out of me. Asher and Devin are just magnificent. And I will pick, so… I love, love, LOVE Asher. He’s always looking out for Skye, not because it’s his mission but because he really cares and wants to help her. I’m all on board with a little chaos and breaking of the rules, it makes life fun. Of course, I also love Devin. His quiet demeanor and how making choices and having fun are things so new to him. Like Skye, I’d roll around in the snow to get him to loosen up a bit. Hehe.Great story, plot, characters, and it’s filled with mystery, action, and romance. What else can I ask for? More Asher time please. Oh and about that ending…Jocelyn Davies, you killed me. I jumped up from my couch and actually screamed at my poor Kindle as if he had any fault. Seriously, you gave me a heart attack. Having to wait to next year, so not cool. But I’ll be hunting that sequel down!