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Flesh and Blood (House of Comarré)

Flesh and Blood (House of Comarré #2) - Kristen Painter After the events in Blood Rights Chrysabelle and Mal have stayed away from each other out of pure silliness, claiming it’s the other one who is staying away. Though it’s clear they miss each other terribly and Chrysabelle still needs to keep her word about helping Mal they’re just too damn stubborn to make first contact. I just wanted to see one of them break! You know, confess and kiss the other one into oblivion. The matter is taken out of their hands when Chrysabelle goes to see Dominic, yet finds Mal fighting in the Pits! Sexy Mal might have his dark-hansome-and-dangerous routine to perfection, when it comes to placating an angry Chrysabelle. But he might have just run into some competition when a mysterious man enters Chrysabelle’s life. Creek is a human with some extraordinary abilities working for the Kubai Mata, a society dedicated to exterminating otherworlders. He’s currently on assignment, but his interest in the comarré is definitely more than the job description. Trouble between Chrysabelle and Mal is only the tip of the ice berg in this action packed novel. The secondary plot was very good too. It’s all about Doc trying to bring Fiona back, but to do that he has to get into some deep trouble. Trouble that involves betrayal, and deceit. Sadly the third string of the story is about Tatiana, who continues to be her annoyingly evil self. Again, I found myself skimming along her POV sections. Overall, Flesh and Blood is an exciting continuation to the Comarré novels. If you loved the first book, you’ll definitely love this one too! More action, more drama, more sexy men, and most importantly, more Malkom! And if you haven’t read this series yet I strongly suggest you do because Bad Blood (Comarré 3) is coming this December!