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If I Die (Harlequin Teen)

If I Die - Rachel Vincent I’ve been pinning for this book since it came out last month, because I knew it would blow my mind. I just didn’t realize how much. To say that this book is amazing is not enough. The writing, the plot, the characters (good ones and evil ones alike), the freaking rollercoaster of emotions! It was breathtaking. All of it.The story dives right into the plot, when Kaylee finds out she’s gonna die in six days. That’s just the beginning because in that time she has to 1) Find out wassup with the new teacher Mr.Beck, 2) Find out what/who she really wants before she dies, and 3) Try to make everyone safe before she leaves the world. Kaylee is such a noble character, wanting to use her last days of life helping others. She really is one of my favorite characters because of this. Sadly, I can’t say I’m as happy with some other characters. Mainly Nash, but also Sabine. I don’t hate her, I just don’t get her. I don’t get why she has to be so cruel at times. And Nash, sweetie you might have stayed in my good graces only because Kaylee believed in you, but not anymore. So, I’m sorry Nash but you’re officially on my black list. That being said…Ladies get your Team Tod cheering outfits and start stretching, because you’re going to do cartwheels up and down your house. Seriously, the tension here was at an all time high with Kaylee finally paying attention to Tod’s beautiful swirling blue eyes. That ending! *dies* I have to admit, for a moment I doubted you Rachel. When you have Kaylee dying, and things going to hell all around I was seriously doubting it could ever be fixed. And that moment! Those of you who’ve read this know what moment I’m talking about! I almost put the book down in that moment. But Rachel, you came through beautifully. I couldn’t have wished for more after an ending like that. But I do. Oh I do wish for more and it makes me cry tears of joy because this series isn’t over yet!! So technically I’m getting my wish!