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Every Other Day

Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes If I had to describe Every Other Day in one word, that word would be BLOODY ACTION. Oh wait..that’s two. But it’s true!Meet Kali. Some days she’s a normal human girl, every other day she’s not. On those days an overpowering call that she cannot ignore makes her hunt down preternatural creatures and kill them. So when Kali discovers a preternatural critter has attached itself to the school’s mean girl, her hero complex leads her to save the cheerleader. That’s when her world starts slowly but surely unraveling as she uncovers the truth behind her condition. The clock is always ticking for Kali, will she be able to help herself and her mysterious new friend?Every Other Day is an exciting blend of bloody action, drama, and snark. I couldn’t put it down! I loved that Barnes didn’t pull back on all the details and gore like many do, and I so thank her for it. The villain, well what can I say, I never knew the click click lick sound of high heels could become so terrifying. I would have liked more development of the secondary characters, but the ending was full of promise, so I’ll be keeping an eye of for any sequel to this.It’s a must read for all supernatural action fans!*I received this book via Netgalley from the publisher in exchange for my honest review*