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Cinder: Book One in the Lunar Chronicles

Cinder  - Marissa Meyer An exciting debut by Marissa Meyer, Cinder will leave you enchanted with its very original retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale. Set in a futuristic world where decease is decimating a nation and an evil ruler from another planet is trying to rule the Earth, you’ll soon be lost in the adventure, the mystery, and the romance.Cinder is a cyborg and the most gifted mechanic in New Beijing. With a wicked stepmother and two step sisters, one of which hates her guts, Cinder dreams of leaving her current life and starting anew. But then the handsome Prince Kai stops by her booth with an android to fix, she’ll soon find herself entangled in political plots, an impossible crush with the next emperor, and the mystery that is her past.I was blown over by this story! With an amazingly built world, and a plot full of intrigue I couldn’t stop reading! What I liked the most was the romance because Cinder does not simply fall swooning at the Prince’s feet like in all the princess fairy tales. I loved that they get to know each other before the ball, and we get to see them joke around and slowly fall in love with each other. Even then poor Kai is rejected time and time again by stubborn Cinder. The secondary characters were just fabulous; they gave the story even more life. My favorites were Iko, Cinder’s trusty android, and Dr. Erland, the nutty doctor playing the part of fairy godmother. And was that another princess I saw mentioned there?I’m very excited for this novel as it is part of a four book series! Yes, you heard me, a series! So be ready to dash to the nearest bookstore on January 3rd because you won’t want to miss this release. This is Cinderella done right for young adults and adults alike!