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Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare Tessa has found a new home in the Institute and a new family in the Shadowhunters. All of that is threatened when an ultimatum is given to Charlotte to find Mortmain or lose her position as the head of the Institute. Tessa, more than anyone, wants to find Mortmain as he might hold the answers to what she is. It’ll be up to everyone to pitch in and help if they want to keep their odd family together. But Will keeps disappearing to God knows where, and Jessamine is sneaking around meeting Lord knows who, and Tessa and Jem are growing closer with each day! Tessa will feel her heart tearing in two as these two very handsome young men—unknown to each other—fight for her attention. In my review of Clockwork Angel I said something along the lines of this series being more subdued than The Mortal Instruments. But with exciting events in every chapter, plenty of nasty secrets and betrayal, and romance and passion that will leave your heart racing, Clockwork Prince gives the other series a run for its money. The story can be divided in three sub plots: 1) Will’s quest to get rid of his curse, 2) Finding Mortmain, and 3) Tessa and Jem. The first one is quite exciting. We get to know more about Will, and through him we get more Magnus Bane time. Will goes to warlock for help with his curse. first Will doesn’t tell Magnus the details of what happened, so the warlock has a hard time finding the right demon. “I don’t know Magnus,” he said. “He doesn’t look like the right one to me.”“You said he was blue. This one’s blue.”“He is blue,” Will acknowledged, stepping closer to the circle of flame. “But the demon I need—well, he was really a cobalt blue. This one’s more…periwinkle.”“What did you call me?” The demon roared with rage.Eventually Will explains the events that led to the curse. I was kind of disappointed since I saw the flaw in it immediately. If a barbed demon tail hits the sister, and she’s dead the next day, the obvious cause is POISON not a curse. Sigh. The second plot has a lot of twists and turns that I won’t spoil. All I’ll say is that everything is linked in the end. The third plot was kind of hard for me. Is not that I don’t like Jem, I do. That boy is like impossible to dislike. But I’m already rooting for Will to win Tessa over, so it was hard to see Jem and Tessa falling for each other. Steamy scenes abound so I won’t complain too much, but I will say that Tessa needs to make up her damn mind! The ending chapters were SO hard to read. They tore my heart apart. I just wanted to hug Will and tell him it’ll be alright because this is a trilogy and there’s still one book left to make things right. A book that it’s like a zillion years away!I’ll end the review on a happy note. A secondary character that I just loved was Woolsey Scott. I think he appears in The Mortal Instruments, or is mentioned. Can’t remember. Anyways this is a quote from a scene between Woolsey and Will. To his great surprise it was opened not by a footman but by Woolsey Scott, his blond hair in tangles to his shoulders. He wore a dark green dressing gown of Chinese brocade over a pair of dark trouser and a bare chest. A gold-rimmed monocle perched in one eye. He carried a pipe in his left hand, and as he examined Will at his leisure, he exhaled, sending out a cloud of sweet-smelling, cough-inducing smoke. “Finally broken down and admitted you’re in love with me, have you? He inquired of Will. “I do enjoy these surprise midnight declarations.” He leaned against the door frame and waved a languid ringed hand. “Go along, have at it.”For once Will was speechless.