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Unraveled (Intertwined)

Unraveled - Gena Showalter With the Witches deadline looming in close, Aden and his friends need to find out where the council will be held or else they will all die. But witches are just one of their problems; Faeries keep attacking Aden wanting to find out more about his power, past demons come to haunt them, and something in the vampire’s crypt is stirring!Aden has already seen his ultimate death, but what he didn’t foresee was the other deaths he is having to experience on an almost daily basis. What’s more, he has to please the vampire council by accepting to go on dates with their choices for the next vampire queen. What will Victoria think!?Victoria is happy enough about Aden’s new position in vampire society, but that doesn’t mean she likes what that position entails. Victoria ultimatelu loses control, expressing her bottled up emotions, and showing her monstrous secret.Mary Ann has insecurities about her relationship with Riley, but that is the least of her problems. She’ll discover that suppressing Adens power is not all she can do. She doesn’t want to be useless though, and quickly asks the boys to teach her how to fight. She’ll put their lessons to use earlier than she thought.Riley and his brothers are doing their best to protect Aden and Mary Ann. But what happens when they need to protect themselves against one of their charges.?I liked that this book had a faster pace than the first one. It has a lot of surprises, and it put the characters through lot of trouble and grief. It definitely left me wanting the next book in this series. Luckily Twisted comes out this August 30th!