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The Bone Palace (The Necromancer Chronicles)

The Bone Palace - Amanda Downum I was very happy to see that this second book contained a Dramatis Personae, Appendix I (Calendars and Time), and Appendix II (The Octagon Court). Sadly that still doesn’t cover all the made-up words. Although the prose continues to be overly descriptive and convoluted, the narrative has definitely improved. I feel like I can connect more with the characters because I’m being given more glances into their minds. Going back to my review of the first book The Drowning City, I checked what I had complained about then. I said I was only going to read this book to get to know Isyllt, and find out more about Kiril, her boss and ex. I didn’t find out much, but it was always good to see the tension between them when they met to discuss the ongoing case. It’s clear that Kiril still loves her, but he thinks she doesn’t deserve to be tied up to an old man like him. Isyllt just wants to be with the man she loves, but since she can’t have him apparently any man will do… I also complained about not getting enough of Isyllt to make me care enough for her as the heroine. But with this book I now have a real sense of who Isyllt Iskaldur is, how she lives, and her tendency to pick the not-so-safe choices. I also got to read more about her necromancer powers and how she uses them. The end, as with the first book, was interesting and fast paced. Full of heartbreak, blood, evil spirits and surprises. Overall I saw an improvement, but it still wasn’t enough to keep my attention fixed all day long like other novels do.