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Mistwood - Leah Cypess Like the title the story left me feeling as if I was wandering in a mist filled forest, trying to grasps at something and being unable to. I think it was that lack of answers and lack of immediate purpose that that made me give up. I understand that the Shifter has no memories whatsoever, but it seems unreal how she takes it all in stride without questioning much or looking for clear answers. All she knows is that she is supposed to protect the new king at all costs. Also, her powers are weird, almost too much. She is called Shifter because she has the power to change shape (something she can’t remember how to do), but she has other powers that seem to me more mage/sorcerer related. Like being able to sense things, see people hidden by invisibility spells, etc. Also I didn’t get why her hair constantly change color without her meaning to. That being said, the prose is nicely woven. I could have read this if only the story had pulled me in instead of leaving me stumbling blind. Very sad about leaving this unfinished, but I’ve got too many other books I want to check out!