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Twisted (Intertwined)

Twisted - Gena Showalter Aden: He was stabbed fulfilling the prophesy but he didn’t die. Victoria wouldn’t allow it. The souls have left him for now, but something worse has taken residence inside of him. A cold darkness that he can’t control. Victoria: Guilt stabs her every time she looks at Aden. He wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t for her. He has changed, and so has she. Humanity doesn’t suit her at all. Mary Ann: Every supernatural is out for her blood, she can’t get rid of her own personal demon, and staying away from Riley is ripping her heart in two. Now more than ever she must be strong, assertive, and bold. Words that have never described who she is. Riley: Never one for giving up, Riley will look for Mary Ann even if she is a danger to all. What he never dreamed was that saying a thing and experiencing it are not the same. One thing will always remain, he will do anything to protect her. Dark, fast paced, and brutal are words I would use to describe this third book of the Intertwined series. The characters are constantly in danger of being killed by enemies and even by friends. There are a lot of issues between them too, basically because they are all stubborn in their own ways. I’ve traveled this far with these characters, so I also felt sad for all the bad things happening to them. I mean, they couldn’t catch a break! The ending left me breathless; I so didn’t want it to end there. I wanted to pull my hair out in frustration. And the fourth book doesn’t even have a date set! My overall feeling is tired; I just feel sad, and exhausted after reading this. It really was bad thing after bad thing with minimal comic relief. The tension and the worry all make for an exciting book but…where’s the hope? Why should I return to read the fourth book? To read about more awful things? I sure hope not. I will, however, praise Gena because writing a book with one POV is hard, and writing one with two and pulling it off requires skill. What does it mean to write a great book with four equally engaging POVs? I think its pure writing genius. And this is what she does in the Intertwined series; she delivers us an exciting story with four extraordinary characters. Not once will you feel the urge to skip to the next POV because the one you’re reading is to slow, or not interesting.