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The Wizard of Time (Book 1)

The Wizard of Time  - G.L. Breedon Gabriel lives a pretty normal life, if you don’t count his future visions of death. In fact, he has seen his death and knows nothing can change it. That is until the day he dies he is plucked from his timeline by Grace Mages! Suddenly he finds himself among people have incredible magic that fight to defend the Primary Time Continuum from Malignancy Mages who want to alter it. Gabriel has been saved because he is a Time Mage. He will be taught and trained of the workings of magic by a team of six mages (one for each magic branch). Though Gabriel is very grateful to be alive, he is also extremely sad because he has to leave everything of his old life behind. Luckily he turns out to be unbelievably proficient at Time Magic, and quickly gains the trust and respect of his team. Or maybe not so lucky when they discover he is a True Mage, and not just any True Mage, but the Seventh True Mage. Able to use all six forms of magic plus both positive and negative imprinted items. The one who prophesy also calls Breaker of Time and Destroyer of Worlds. Gabriel fears his powers; he fears that by using the negative forces he might change as well. Both Grace and Malignant sides will try to use him for their greater cause, which way will Gabriel turn? Will he be strong enough to choose his own path? What if Darkness is needed in the world for there to be Light?I found this story to be an incredible mix of fantasy and history. It’s a bit slow going with all the explanations and descriptions of historic places, but they’re all necessary since it’s a time travel story. Me being a history fan, found the description to be quite interesting and fun, however I don’t think most young readers would appreciate all those extra thousand words and the philosophical debates. I really liked the character of Gabriel, he was really smart and acted older than his years. He made some very tough decisions, even breaking the rules to save one of his team mates. Surprisingly I also liked Vicaquirao, one of the villains. He pretty much swayed me to his ‘evil’ philosophy, while still making me cheer on for the good guys. Overall it was an awesome adventure filled with an incredible magic system, wicked cool magic fights, and a wonderful three dimensional cast of heroes and villains. *I received this book from the author for my honest review*