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Endlessly (Paranormalcy)

Endlessly - Kiersten White Evie lives a charmed life (complete with personal suit-like room and an expense account) working for International Paranormal Containment Agency (IPCA). Having the ability to see through glamours has made her their main operative, and though she has this one power Evie has always considered herself normal. But when a paranormal water-elemental boy breaks in, her life gets turned around in more ways than one. Paranormals are being killed off, and a faerie ex it’s trying to steal her soul! As Evie discovers the real purpose of IPCA, finds love, deals with loss and discovers the terrible truth of what she is, her world turns out more paranormal than she thought possible. At first I couldn’t decide if I found Evie cute or downright annoying, with all the extra sugary attitude and constant teenage complaints and pink stuffs everywhere. But somewhere along the way I either blocked it all that out, or it was being given in more controlled doses so that I didn’t mind. Still, I like strong female heroines who can get over themselves and deal…and Evie just wasn’t it. She sure does have an interesting life though!I liked how she slowly realized that her life had been a life of confinement and control, and the conflicting emotions towards Raquel whom she saw as a mother-like figure. That made Evie seem more real, that is if you ignored her clothes and shoe choices for paranormal hunting. The romantic relationship I liked very much; it was realistic teenage romance. I found Lend very endearing and sweet, if a bit weird with the whole water invisibility thing going on. I like how he and Evie took their time getting to know each other and hang out, and not simply jump each other like on so many other books I’ve read. The end was a bit weird with the whole releasing souls through a gate she just opened in the sky. But overall I found the book quite enjoyable and funny.