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All These Things I've Done (Birthright)

All These Things I've Done - Gabrielle Zevin This is the story of Anya Balanchine, daughter of a Leonyd Balanchine, deceased chocolate mafia crime boss. The story is told in first person, as if were writing it down for us. For example, there are some instances where she even does an aside, or a note to self. She is writing us the story about all these things she’s done! I so love that it’s done this way. The year is 2083 and the world is very much changed. New York is very much altered, and every important landmark is almost unrecognizable. There are many things that are prohibited and controlled, one of them is chocolate. After Anya’s father died the family business has stayed afloat thanks to her uncle. But there is unrest! And the last chocolate batch was poisoned! Anya just wants to stay as far away as possible from the family’s business, but maybe it’s time she took the reins and accept her birthright. That scene towards the end where Anya sits with her mafia family, speaking like the Godfather in her school uniform…Epic, just epic! Suddenly it all becomes more complicated when Anya starts falling for the DA’s son! Anya is a hard core girl; she is practical, calculating and not romantic at all (sometimes coming off as cold). I guess it comes with growing up in such a hard world and under the hard circumstances of her life. But she needs to learn to love and trust more, and that is where Win comes in. Anya has these huge concrete walls around her heart, but soon with Win’s perseverance you see them crack a little as she lets him in. Win is such a sweetie! He is all sorts of fun and sexy and caring bundled up into a very sweet package. I really enjoyed seeing their relationship grow. Anya might have used every opportunity to keep love away, but her heart ultimately knows better. The ending was nice is a sort of bitter sweet way. I’ll certainly be waiting for the next chapter in Anya’s life.