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Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5)

Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) - Richelle Mead It’s graduation day, but Rose has other things on her mind. What with the weekly love/death threat letters Dimitri sends her( Rose calls him her “undead stalker”), the possibility Strigoi can be saved, and how to get Victor Dashkov cooperation, Rose has already a plan in mind. A plan that involves escaping with Lissa again, breaking into a maximum security prison, and all to save the man she loves. Seems like poor Adrian wrote that love proposal and quit his bad habits for nothing. It only took 5 seconds of Dimitri and all her promises to Adrian flew out the window. But even after the big rescue Rose still can’t have her happy ending. Machinations at court have Rose and the others outraged, but only Rose gives voice to everybody’s thoughts. Meanwhile, Dimitri is filled with the horror and guilt of the things he’s done, and his heart can’t love anymore (or so he says). Rose tries over and over again, and their encounters are just heartbreaking, making her think there can really be nothing again between them.Just as she’s given up (and given in to Adrian) and is about to go on her merry way… a murder occurs at court! And she is the main suspect! (Total brain melt when this happens).With Rose behind bars, it’s up to her family and friends to sort the whole mess. And they better do it soon because the sentence for murder isn’t prison…its death.