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Crave (Harlequin Teen)

Crave - Melissa Darnell Meet Savannah Colbert. She has been shunned by every Clann kid after she play-married Tristan Coleman in the fourth grade. No one has ever explained why, but ever since then she has felt a strange pull every time Tristan is nearby. Now meet Tristan Coleman, who was told to keep away from Savannah, but he can’t help to want to be near her when the strange pull acts up. Tristan has had enough trying to ignore that feeling. Maybe it’s time to break some obscure rule The Clann imposed on him so long ago. What’s the worst that can happen? Savannah has endured being called a freak before, but now more than ever that word is ringing true. Sudden changes force her family to reveal their darkest secret to Savannah and she just can’t believe it. She is a half vampire, half witch! Savannah finds herself in between these two worlds that regard her as a threat, and all she wants to do is live her life and be happy. Now she’ll have to deal with high school drama, Tristan’s pull, AND highly dangerous vampire powers. As if that is not enough, Tristan seems to be everywhere making it hard to keep her promise of staying away from Clann descendants. He even appears in her dreams! Why do her Tristan dreams have to feel so real?Green eyes, golden curls, the body of a football player *yum*, Tristan Coleman is the heir to The Clann and he wants nothing to do with them or their magic. However, Tristan will do anything to keep Savannah safe, even submit to his father’s magical training. How longer can he deny the feelings that Savannah kindles inside him? Dream linking to her is not helping with that at all. He will have to find a way to be close to Savanna without The Clann knowing, because ignoring her is no longer possible.I thoroughly enjoyed reading Crave! It kept me interested the whole time with Savannah’s struggles to please The Clann and The Vampire Council, Savannah and Tristan’s forbidden attraction, and the dangers their relationship posed both for them and everyone else. Also, this is the first book that I can honestly say I loved both POVs used. Savannah and Tristan’s forbidden relationship made it a delightful read. We can read both sides of the story and see how things are often muddled and misinterpreted. They are both plenty of interesting, and they both have very distinctive voices. Hah! I think my only complaint is that even though I know there is sequel to this book, I felt the ending to be a bit abrupt. Or maybe it was just me wanting more? I strongly urge all vampire/witch lovers out there to read this very cool story. You will not be disappointed!*I received this book via Netgalley from the publisher in exchange for my honest review*