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Supernaturally (Paranormalcy)

Supernaturally - Kiersten White Finally having a normal life where she is just another teenager, Evie discovers that she misses being special and needed like she was when working for IPCA. So, going against her friends’ and boyfriend’s wishes, she goes back to working, and gets assigned a special non-faery guy to transport her around. Going back to her old life might not have been such a great idea, as she is constantly tempted to drain the paranormals who get in her way. The question is how far with Evie use her powers in the name of justice. Well, Evie continues having her blonde moments, but now I just take it in stride and don’t mind. Though I didn’t really like Evie being weak and reaching for her power when she knew she shouldn’t, but I guess that just made her more human since we all make mistakes. We get to find out more about how Evie was made and the reasons behind her making. We also learn her true name. The romance department takes the bench for the most part. Poor Lend has to go through a lot during this book, what with Evie’s lies and her new friendly friend. In the end he still is the warm and caring Lend I loved from the first book. I have to say I loved, loved, LOVED Jack from the beginning. He is like the definition for trickster faery. But I knew so much good and fun couldn’t come without a price. So sad :(Only one thing bothered me. There’s a part where Evie finds herself thrown in a river and holds her breath underwater for an unrealistically long period of time. So unless breathing underwater is a newly acquired power of her, I expected her too be dead.I can’t wait to read the Endlessly next year, the final book in this fantastic trilogy!