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Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls)

Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter Kylie’s life is falling apart. She just got dumped, her parents are getting a divorce and she ends up being shipped off to a camp for troubled teens. The thing is she might have more in common with the freaks than she could have ever imagined. Being a ghost whisperer is a rare gift, but for Kylie is more of a curse. Her constant haunt, a ghost she calls Soldier Dude keeps appearing everywhere. His bloody message was pretty scary! If she wants to get rid of him, she will have to find out who he is and what he wants. And trust me, it was a real surprise to discover who Soldier Dude really was. Shadow Falls camp is a safe haven for supernatural kids to learn more about their powers. There is a legend regarding the falls on camp property that says you can see the shadows of death angels dancing in the falls. Though we never get to see the falls in this book, it’s obvious they will play a bigger role in following books. I always love a good mystery! Right now though, Kylie and her friends will have to do everything they can to keep the camp from being closed.Della the vampire and Miranda the witch are Kylie’s cabin mates. I liked them a lot as secondary characters. Della’s story was interesting; she wants to be accepted now that she’s a vampire. We don’t get to know much about Miranda’s past, but she seems to have issues with her family. She’s also a very love-obsessed witch. Kylie is more reserved than her friend; she has trouble deciding who to fall in love with. She really likes to think things through. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, or end up hurting herself, and so has a hard time analyzing her feelings for Derek and Lucas. She likes Derek a lot, but there’s always the worry that he might be manipulating her emotions with his fae powers. Then with Lucas she is not sure if its love or lust what she is feeling. Overall I think Born at Midnight is a great start to the series and I’ll be waiting for the next installment Awake at Dawn, coming this October!