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Hex Hall Book One

Hex Hall  - Rachel Hawkins After a simple spell gone horribly wrong, Sophie gets sentenced to attend Hex Hall, “the premier reformatory institution for Prodigium adolescents.” Living for so long among humans, Sophie never imagined that people might be out to destroy those with supernatural power. Now at Hex Hall that reality will sink in. The gruesome death of a girl and the consequent attacks of another two, will have everyone pointing finger to the new vampire girl, Sophie’s roommate. But Sophie has another theory. She thinks it’s one of the anti-monsters group who has infiltrated the school, but no one will believe her. With a demon possibly loose on campus, a stupid rivalry over the hottest warlock on campus, and the discovery that her powers work very different from other witches, Sophie will have her hands full this first semester at Hex Hall. Mystery, teenage drama, and shocking moments Hex Hall will happily keep your eyes glued to the page for hours. Full of wit and sarcasm, Sophie was a very enjoyable heroine to follow along. She has to deal with all the revelations about her dad, and who she is while trying not to lose it. She’s also very caring and loyal to her friend Jenna (the vampire) even if she is a bit scared of her. I would have liked to see more of Jenna, but alas being accused of murder makes for a depressed and quiet vampire. I couldn’t figure out Archer Cross. I mean, swoon worthy yes, but I never fully trusted him or his intentions what with being with Eloise (the mean girl). You’ll be very surprised at how he turns out. Oh! Let’s not forget Cal, the groundskeeper. He’s built like an oak, rocks the carpenter look, and is all quiet and mysterious. Yum~ More Cal please!  Just when I thought I had everything figured out the end came full of shocking surprises and O.M.G. moments.Now that Sophie knows exactly who and what she is, and now that her powers have grown with practice, there is only one question to be asked…What kind of trouble will she get into next?