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Goliath (Leviathan)

Goliath (Leviathan #3) - Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson Is the final stretch of their adventure on the Leviathan and things are getting seriously complicated for Deryn and Alek. A simple rescue mission turns into a trip around the world escorting the infamous scientist Nicola Tesla, who may have the ultimate weapon for putting a stop to the war but at a terrible cost. Alek has finally figured out Deryn's secret and feels betrayed, confused. How can his feelings for Dylan Sharp translate to Deryn Sharp? But there's no time to think about this! With secrets revealed, old allies appearing, terrible inventions and incoming old enemies, Goliath makes for one electrifying finale to Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan trilogy! Deryn and Alek have come a long, long way since they first met in the freezing glacier where the Leviathan crash landed. They've kept each other's secret, helped each other, and saved each other countless of times. Deryn mostly does the rescuing, but now the tables are sort of turned now with Deryn having to be rescued a couple of times by Alek. It really comes in handy having someone know her secret. I've really enjoyed seeing these two characters grow through the series, and in Goliath they have to make some serious decisions. Will Alek pursue his throne, and leave Deryn behind? Will Deryn continue as a middy on the airship Leviathan and continue risking being discovered? This trilogy has been amazing from the very beginning. I'll never forget the beasties, especially the Leviathan, Tazza, and Bovril, the perspicacious loris. The Clanker machines were also incredible especially thanks to Keith Thompson and his breathtaking illustrations. The original vocabulary also made for a fun read. I would so use those curse words every single day, because barking spiders this has seriously been one of the best trilogies I've ever read. Goliath brought old allies and contraptions, but also new ones like Russian fighting bears, Japanesse Kappas, a Herculean, underwater fiber system, manta airships, and many more that just made me wish this series was longer! I'm extremely sad that it ended, and I hate leaving this world and these characters behind. I'll definitely come back to re-read this in the future. I've been saying it all along, and I'll say it again… This is steampunk at its best!!!