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Eye of the Tempest (Jane True, Book 4)

Eye of the Tempest (Jane True, Book 4) - Nicole Peeler Waking from a month long comma, Jane finds her peaceful small town in turmoil. Weird things are happening in Rockabill and when Nell and Anyan get taken out of commission by a nasty spell, it’s up to Jane and her new friend Blondie to get to the bottom of it all (literally). Be prepared for non-stop ass kicking action, lots sexual frustration, and as always snarky and humorous dialogue (internal and external).This fourth book I felt it was a bit different from the others in the sense that it was more fantasy-like because it had a quest. Oh yes, a full blown Zelda-like gotta-kill-the monsters-at-the-elemental-temples-to-unlock-the-powers-to-save-my-princess kind of quest. In Jane’s quest is more about saving the world (or half of it) and her prince-turned-dog. In the mean time we get to learn more about Alfar history and how the many supernatural races got made. Blondie’s tattoos are wicked awesome (you’ll see why). A little bit disconcerting was Jane’s attraction to Blondie. Not that I have anything against that, but it just seemed absurd that Jane would be panting after someone she didn’t even trust while her hunk of a man ran around stuck in doggie form. I thought Jane would be more considerate and worried about Anyan. Sigh. Now for the part I didn’t like. All I can say about Anyan’s fate is Ms. Peeler you are a cruel mistress. How could you deprive us of Anyan for a whole book!? How could you leave things unfinished? It’s not ok! I get that this part of the story is more about Jane and how she needs to decide if she will be a simple warrior or a champion in the upcoming war. But still, an overly frustrated reader doesn’t make for a good combo when doing a series. More so when the frustration has a year to cook, since the next book comes out Summer 2012. How many will return to read?