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Shade (Shade, Book 1)

Shade  - Jeri Smith-Ready Sixteen years ago a worldwide event occurred, called the Shift. All the babies born after this event (post-Shifters) had the special ability to see ghosts, while the rest (pre-Shifters) couldn’t. Ghosts are harmless enough when they glow violet, but once they turn black into Shades, well they’re not so harmless anymore. The only thing that can contain ghosts is the technology called BlackBox, made of obsidian which ghosts cannot pass through. The DMP (Department of Metaphysical Purity) is in charge of monitoring Ghosts and catching Shades.Aura Salvatore is a sixteen year old post-shifter girl, who works for her Aunt’s legal firm that specializes in helping ghosts get legal justice so that they can move on. Aura has always treated dealing with ghosts as a job, but when her boyfriend Logan dies she will find herself more personally involved with ghosts than ever.Logan becoming a Ghost doesn’t change what Aura feels for him. In fact she is in love with him so much, she continues to call herself his girlfriend and takes his bouts of jealousy seriously. Basically she is not letting him go, and he doesn’t want to move on yet. I admit, if I had a boyfriend like Logan I too would have a hard time letting go. It’s kind of heartbreaking to see Aura go through this. She holds on so tight onto the idea that Logan and her can still be together. The whole story really is like Aura says, about “trying to make sense out of life and death.” She is trying to cope with the death of her boyfriend, but having him there as a ghost doesn’t make things any easier. He is gone, dead, and she needs to accept that.While dealing with this Aura is also trying to uncover more information about her mother and the circumstances of her birth, because it’s really weird being born on the same day the Shift occurred. So when Zachary Moore, exchange student from Scottsland, asks to help Aura with her project she realizes he might know more about her birth than he lets on. Aura will soon find herself swooning over more than just Zachary’s Scottish accent. I loved Zachary from the start. He is so understanding about Aura and what she is going through. He is keeping it in the friend zone, even though he wishes for much more. But he understands she needs to let Logan go before they can have anything together.Boy problems are just the tip of the iceberg in Aura’s life. After a fight with Logan he starts to turn Shade, and the DMP might be after him. But Aura is not about to let them put him in a BlackBox forever, even if it means letting him roam the world as a Shade.I was hesitant to read this series, since it’s about ghosts and I so don’t like ghosts. So I was pleasantly surprised when not only did I like it, but I couldn’t put it down. I became so immersed in the story that every joy and pain the characters suffered was a pain and joy I shared. I would recommend this book to anyone in a heartbeat.