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The Iron Queen (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa A step away from returning to her normal life, to a new life with Ash by her side, and she is attacked! Meghan thought it was over but, with a false king on the Iron Throne and the Nevernever on the brink of annihilation, it is far from it. Meg and her friends will have to venture once more into the depths of the Iron Kingdom, uncovering secrets, joining rebel forces, and even gaining an army of minions. Meg struggles with her Summer and Iron magics, and sometimes the easiest answers to a problem are overlooked because they're simple. As Meghan learns more about the twisted Iron world, a world that seems to welcome her with open arms, she will have to ready herself to give it her all and save Faery. Meg really rocked in this book. She’s stronger than ever and fighting to become even more so. She’s not happy with relying on others to always look after her anymore and she wants to learn to fight! And fight she does. Meg becomes a hardcore chick with all the sword fighting, and even throws a couple of badass lines like “I’m coming for him, and when I find him, I’m going to kill him.” Woah! No more shy and invisible Meg! This is a fairy princess talking and she’s ready for battle! If cold prince Ash is sexy, and a tormented in love Ash is double sexy, then this new romantically sweet and expressive Ash is a melt-my-heart-and-make-me-swoon kind of sexy. Every time he opened his mouth to utter those knight-in-shinny-armor phrases my heart would just stop and bask in the words. Of course then my mind would get lost in sexy faery knight fantasies and I’d lose track of where I was reading. But damnit! If only guys talked like that in reality.Puck’s humorous nature is always welcome, but (much like Ash) it’s when he shows his true emotions that he really shines. Puck will never give up on Meghan; that much is true. But at least he admits defeat and backs off knowing that Meg is truly happy with Ash. The stupid trickster almost made me cry at the end.We spend most part of this book exploring the Iron Kingdom, the land of the lost for all things tech. Though it is a poisonous wasteland, I was surprised to find out it’s not without its beauty. I especially loved the trees “in full bloom, not with flowers of fruit, but with lightbulbs.” There are also tons of exciting new characters to be found in there, like Glitch, leader of the rebel forces, Razor, who rallies the “minion” forces, and Spikerail, leader of…well, I’ll leave that one a surprise. Oh and let’s not forget the gliders! Gliders on their own were cool. They’re like metal dragonflies which they use as gliders. Imagine now a battle while on a glider…awesome. And talking about battles, the final battle…oh man! I got chills just from thinking about it. Imagine one of the battles in Lord of the Rings, but with faeries, summer and winter magic tearing things up all around, iron faeries, and huge iron monsters. Only one word to describe it all…EPIC.