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The Burn

The Burn - Annie Oldham Terra has always been fascinated by the Burn, the world above, the one destroyed by bombs during the Event a hundred years ago. Living in the colonies is dull when every single part of your life is controlled and equalized. Terra dreams of a world where she can make choices, but she never dreamed of the hard choices she would have to make when the opportunity to top side arises. But that is just the beginning! Terra will make even harder choices, because survival in the Burn is no easy matter. Written in a fun and youthful prose, The Burn will have you chuckling every couple of pages…at least in the beginning. Once Terra gets involved in the plan to escape, things turn quite serious. I couldn’t believe what she gave up to go to the Burn. I swear my jaw dropped and stayed that way during the entire scene. Then she gets to the Burn and she is all fascinated and happy with all the things she sees. That idea is quickly wiped out when she sees the people living in fear of the government and the possibility of being caught and sent to the work camps. Terra was such a fun and strong character to read. She has to make many hard choices, and she takes time before making them. Her relationship with Dave was nice to watch. They quickly grow fond of each other because they have an easy way of just being together. I also liked sweet elderly Nell and young doctor Jack. The final part derailed me a little from the story. The sudden appearance of Jessa and the without-a-purpose payment she made was like something out of the blue (literally). I get the necessity to silence Mary, but did Gaea really think Terra would do it? I mean, she is top side already, what can Gaea do to her if she doesn’t go with the plan? I don’t get it. But I did like the ending. I can’t wait to see where Terra goes next!*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review*