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Demonglass (A Hex Hall Novel)

Demonglass  - Rachel Hawkins Now that Sophie knows what she really is, she is ready to give up her powers and risk her own life in an effort to protect her loved ones of what she might become one day. But her father urges her to reconsider, he has lived with his powers for a long time now and has been able to keep his powers in check. Seems like “Demon Yoga” is the answer. Sophie’s control over her power is just one of many problems she will have to face. First, The Eye has been conducting successful attacks on the Council members, and now they’re coming after her. Second, Nick and Daisy are demons too, which means someone has stolen the spell for creating demons. And Third, her feelings for Archer Cross have not diminished by one bit. All this made for a very interesting summer for Sophie! I loved that there was more action in this book; the club raid, the attack in the pit, and the ending. I also loved Archer popping up all over the place at unexpected moments. And thank goodness Sophie is not like other heroines. She knows what she wants! Her heart might do weird fluttery things when Cal is around, but she knows that only Archer is for her. Again I was pretty shocked with the final revelations and how it all went to hell. It was beautiful really, but I just wanted to pull my hair out. Not because it was bad, but because it’s left in a cliff hanger and I hate those. All hell breaks loose, people are missing, Sophie is sent to seek out the help of enemies, and…the end. SO not fair. On the other hand it will make for a great beginning of the next book, which I will definitely hunt down and eat as soon as it is released.