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Destined - Jessie Harrell A fantastic retelling of the Cupid and Psyche myth. Destined will leave your heart racing with the chemistry between these two characters. Fans of Greek Mythology, and beautiful and romantic love stories will want to read this! Psyche is a fiery young girl, who has been blessed with beauty. So much so that she has caught Aphrodite’s attention. As with all gods and goddesses, Psyche knows she has to be wary of Aphrodite’s intentions. When gods get interested in the affairs of men, things don’t go well. And that’s exactly what happens to Psyche after she angers the goddess by refusing to marry her son Eros. After a terrible misunderstanding Psyche will have to call on the gods for help, face an enraged goddess, and descend to the bowels of the underworld fighting for the love of her life.Stubborn, caring, and extremely fun, Psyche is such an amazing character to read. Ooooh and boy does she have attitude. I think that’s why Eros refuses her at first, because she doesn’t take any crap from him. Like Psyche, I love/hated Eros. He’s supposed to be a god of love and he is such a grump. Poor Psyche determines he’s ‘the biggest jerk’ she’s ever met after just five minutes with him. Then the whole arrow thing happens and you don’t know if it’s true love or if it’s just the magic driving him. But still, you can’t help but fall utterly and helplessly in love with him, as he tries to win Psyche’s love.Then when all seems well in paradise, an incident happens and that’s what drives the second half of the book. However I didn’t get Psyche’s anger. I think she blew things out of proportion a bit. I mean, wishing for a friend’s death and planning a murder after a glimpse at what she thought was deceit. She should have confronted him first. But that’s the thing with all the Greek mythology stories, people take things too personally and act first, ask questions later. Eros does the same. Greek gods are all about vengeance and getting even forgiveness is not a word known in their vocabulary. I could not put this book down! Psyche’s ‘modern’ voice was such fun to read in an ancient Greek setting. All the troubles and obstacles set between Psyche and Eros will keep you on edge, because all the time it can’t be any clearer that they’re meant for each other! So get your toga, get in the mood, and get ready to swoon beautifully with Jessie Harrell’s amazing debut.