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Aces Falling: War Above the Trenches, 1918

Aces Falling: War Above the Trenches, 1918 - Peter Hart I was hesitant when I saw it classified as a middle-grade novel, but then I was so thrilled with how Above World presented me with this remarkably built and detailed world where humans have had to adapt themselves and their bodies to live in extremely harsh environments like the deep oceans, the arid deserts, and the incredible heights of mountains. From the technology, to the incredible races (Kampii, Deepfell, Aviars, Equines), and the fast paced plot, Above World had me captivated in the story from page one! Aluna, a Coral Kampii, is outraged at the way the elders are reacting to the malfunction of their breathing necklaces. The elders believe that in keeping to themselves they would be safe from the Above World, but this idea will probably lead to their extinction as they don’t have the tech to fix their necklaces. It’ll be up to Aluna and her friend Hoku, to defy the elders in an effort to save their people. Our young heroes journey to the world above, a place that has been ravaged by technology, war and time. Their goal is to find HydroTek, the company that made the Kampii’s breathing necklaces, in an effort to find answers as to why they’re failing. The characters were all so alive; from strong willed Aluna, to super smart and sweet Hoku, to handsome and valiant Dash, and shy but determined Calli. These are characters you’ll want to meet! Theirs is a journey filled with action, self-discovery, and thrilling emotions of first love. It will open their eyes, making them realize there is strength knowledge, and collaborating with other races could save them all. I believe it is a really important message, and it’s why I love these three quotes: The world needs us, and we need each other. We must not hide forever. ~ We are not alone. We were not meant to be alone. ~ You make me stronger than I am by myself. Above World has become one of my favorite dystopian novels so far, because of this positive message. People, this is not just a mermaid story! It’s a story of friendship, courage, and taking action to make a difference in a destroyed world. You won’t want to miss this wonderful book coming this February 2012.*I received this book via Netgalley from the publisher in exchange for my honest review*