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Bad Blood (House of Comarré)

Bad Blood  - Kristen Painter After the ultimate showdown in the Everglades on the last book, the witches haven't had enough. This time they're back for revenge, and they already have to unwilling minions to carry it out. Tatiana seems to have forgotten about the Ring of Sorrows, right now she just wants Chrysabelle's head on platter. Her evilness and cunningness are as always boring, and I ended up skimming all of her POVs. The witches were pretty silly too, I was always cheering the demon to get free of the stupid aquarium tank they'd sealed him in.Chrysabelle has recuperated beautifully, but her anger about how it was done is a bit uncalled for. I mean, he saved your life and you're alive. Who cares if your blood is tainted now!? Her anger quickly dissolves because now she has a goal. She'll go to any lengths to find her brother, including (but not limited to) manhandling/threatening/persuading others, and having molten gold tattooed on her. Luckily Mal will be there for her, but sadly there's not a lot of romance in this third book, which was kind of disappointing. That one hot massage chapter didn't satisfy my expectations on their relationship. Meanwhile the secondary characters are all running around with problems of their own. Creek gets dragged into the murder investigation of the mayor's daughter, who was one of Dominic's fake comarré. He'll have to find the real murderer, or else the Mayor Lola will pin it on him. Doc and Fi have some very interesting news for Mal, if only they could get a hold of him. Once again, I felt that there were too many POVs. And while I've grown to love some secondary characters like Creek and Fi, I'm just not that interested in hearing Tatiana's or even the Mayor's side. Overall for me the series has lost its initial steam and allure. Like I've said before, I started reading this series because of Chrysabelle and Mal and now they've just become another one in the bunch of characters. I could just read their chapters and be done with it, because it's all the interests me. The short preview of Out for Blood (House of Comarré 4) after the ending just made me chuck my book at the nearest wall. (Rant: For shit's sake Chrysabelle, stop being unreasonably angry at Mal. Whose idea was it to use THAT gold for the tattoo, huh? Yours! That's right! Not Mal's!) I'll probably buy it, only because I don't like leaving series half-way.