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Halo - Alexandra Adornetto Angels Gabriel (Yes, that Gabriel), Ivy and Bethany are sent to the small town of Venus Cove on a mission to 1) restore faith and goodwill to the community and 2) stop the any Dark Forces they encounter there. While they do have to socialize with the town's people, any permanent bonds such as friendship or relationships are forbidden. But then Bethany meets Xavier Woods and it all goes to hell. Not because Heaven rains down its divine fury on the pair...they actually let this one slide, how benevolent of them. Not because a dark mysterious angel appears and Beth falls for him...we're actually spared this cliché. It all goes to hell because Bethany becomes crazy in love. As in completely irrational, lying to everyone, whining incessantly, stupidly in love drama queen. She becomes this annoying love sick girl who can't function without Xavier. And while she sometimes acknowledges being silly about the whole thing, that still won't stop her from being even more moronic the next time around. Basically Xavier becomes her crutch; someone she leans on every single time completely obliterating the purpose that newly arrived angels are supposed to learn how to adapt to their humanity. Now Xavier Woods is a whole other story, and probably the only reason I even finished this book and am now writing this review. Xavier could seriously be an angel. He's super caring, uber sweet in a carry your bag, takes you for coffee and insists on paying, walks you home, and trades you lunch when you don't like it kind of way. I mean it's the little things right? Sadly, poor Xavier gets stuck with Bethany the childishly rebel angel. Xavier is too good for her. Even with his irrational freak out at the end, and I say irrational because it was out of character for him. He's gentle, level headed, and unlike Bethany, he keeps his wits about him!Just because I've walked into this crazy fantasy, doesn't mean I can just abandon my other plans, much as I might want to.Thank you Xavier for remembering what's important. Oh, hey! Didn't Bethany have a super important divinely ordained mission? I guess those plans went out the window along with her common sense and divinity. I think Bethany mentions feeling guilty about forgetting her other responsibilities, but you know she's all talk and no action so she continues playing love sick puppy and ignoring her mission. About 75% into the book she says that she mustn't allow her relationship to become "all consuming." HELLO. The story is almost over, it has already become an all consuming I-cannot-function-without-him love. Bethany even pulls a Bella sinking into a I-can't-eat-sleep-or-live depression. A freaking Bella Swan depression! At that moment I could only be thankful that the next chapters weren't labeled with each passing month. Thoroughly disappointed with this book. It started off so well and then Bethany had to become that kind of girl. Since the plot revolves around her and her love life, it sucked also. The villain, I saw him coming a mile away. Bethany literally has him in front of her face and she still can't connect the dots. She's so stupidly oblivious! Gah! Before I finish this, one last thought: Would Gabriel, who is such an important and powerful angel, be really sent to a tiny little town? I don't think so. In the words of the villain:I'm done making nice with angels.