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Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky #1) - Veronica Rossi The outside world is a dangerous place, filled Aether storms, and savages. Aria lives safely inside a POD city, together with some thousand other who spend their days inside The Realms, virtual spaces where the people spend their days, experiencing everything second hand. She is safeā€¦until she breaks the rules. Then Aria is literally thrown into the real world. There she meets a savage, a young man who might be her only salvation. They'll form a tenuous alliance as they work together to get Aria back to her mom, and to rescue the savage's nephew who was kidnapped and taken to the city. There was a whole lot of thought involved in the creation of Under the Never Sky. I know this because right now the only question is, where the heck do I begin to discuss all of this? And the thing is, I can't. You'll just have to read this and soak in the awesomeness of this book. However, I will tell you about a couple of things that stood out for me, like the characters: Aria, Perry, and Roar. Aria is left to die in a desert, but she manages to survive. Living underground with no action whatsoever has left her body stunted, and so now she has to adapt quickly. Her body aches a lot, she has constant headaches, and there's a Savage ally who scares the crap out of her. I thought it was very interesting how Aria's smell changes from decay to violets when she has her first period, signaling that her body is finally healthy. Through it all she's brave, and stubborn, and very curious about the real world, though it takes some time for her to admit that the real is better than The Realms. Peregrine (or Perry) is a Scire and a Seer, someone whose sense of smell and sight is super developed. He has reflective eyes that give him night vision, he can smell things from very far away, he can smell a person's emotions. Yes, you read that right. HE CAN SMELL A PERSONS EMOTIONS. Now imagine all the embarrassing situations one can have while traveling with a gorgeous, tattooed, strong savage with golden hair and a wolfish smile who can smell what you're feeling. *swoon and dies* The romance with these two was a lovely thing to see. They start of hating each other. Perry calls her Mole (because she lived in an underground city) and Aria calls him Savage (because he refuses to tell her his name). But then Aria starts to see another side to him. He is caring, he teaches her how to find berries, and saves her from cannibals. That last one has to win some major brownie points. However, I was sort of thrown by how fast things move between them after the first kiss. I thought there would be more...er, restraint, given that they're not supposed to be together for reasons you'll need to read to find out. Last but not least is Roar. This is his official description: "He had a prince's looks but a pirate's eyes." And there's really no question as to whether love him after that. There's something going on with him and Perry's sister Liv. I hope we get to know more about these two in future books, or even in a small novelette of their time spent together while Roar delivered her to the Horn tribe and her future husband. Intriguing, yes? If meeting these characters is not enough reason for you to read Under the Never Sky, then here are a couple more. It brings in an original take on magic through the senses (something that blew my mind). It has an amazing world with Aether skies and tribes that battle for territories, while the rest live comfortably inside POD cities hooked to artificial worlds. There's bloody action, cannibals, betrayal, and deceit! I knew there was some deceit going on, but the extent of it? Oh, man! The story is told in alternating chapters and Perry's last chapter was unbelievable, but more so was Aria's last chapter. I seriously wanted to cry because I turned the page and there was nothing more. If I could pre-order book two Through the Ever Night right now, I'd do it. That's how much I loved this.