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City of Lost Souls (Mortal Instruments)

City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare The search for Jace and Sebastian has been called off by the Clave, but Clary and her friends are not about to give up. Even if it means asking favors from the Seelie Queen, or striking deals with angels or demons, they'll do anything to get their golden boy back. But then Jace himself appears to Clary, and begs her to join him and Sebastian. Reckless Clary decides to go on her own, leaving the gang to find a way to sever the bond that unites Jace and Sebastian. Will they find the answer in time? Will the price be too high to pay? And just what is Clary willing to do in the name of love? As ever, Miss Clare brings on the epicness to a whole new level with this fifth installment to The Mortal Instruments. If there's one thing I love about these books is all the plots and subplots and POV's going on at the same time. It's like is a 3D book where I'm always seeing many sides and having to connect the dots in my head. I love it. I've been reading this series for so long that the characters are like old friends by now. Friends who I love, but who also piss me off sometimes by their decisions. So I'm going to do this review a bit differently and give my opinion directly to the characters. Jace. I still love you, but I hate your other self. A lot. And don't listen to Clary, she does swoon every time you take your shirt off. It's impossible not to. Clary. You keep kicking major demon ass girl! But betraying the one you love—even for what you think is a noble reason, like saving his ass from being sliced and diced—is so not cool. Now go work it over with him. Simon. Way to go vampire man! You're my favorite 'secondary' hero ever. You're my Jace when there's no Jace. I hope that you can see how incredible you are. Izzy. You are such a strong lady. I role model really. But f-ing hell, Iz. Stop beating around the bush, and tell him already! Alec. You with a bow…*swoons* But going to your boyfriend's psycho bitch of an ex-girlfriend for advice is idiotic. What the hell were you thinking? Magnus. You rock. Even wearing yellow pajama pants and alien slippers, you rock. I know that your super mad right now, but I think Alec deserves a chance. And I know you know that. Maia & Jordan. Live long and prosper. You deserve it. Sebastian. Please, die. I pity you sometimes, I won't deny it. But you're too evil no matter what. So, you need to die. This series deserves to be re-read over and over again. I'm hoping to do it next time I get some serious vacations. If you read this series, how much do you love it? 'Cause I love it. A lot. If you haven't read this series…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?