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Juliet Immortal (Juliet Immortal #1) - Stacey Jay Juliet Capulet’s love for Romeo Montague is stronger than anything else in the world. That is until he killed her. Now, stronger than love is her desire for revenge, but Juliet is an Ambassador of Light sent to protect soul mates across time and she can’t kill him. Not even when Romeo, a Mercenary of the Apocalypse, keeps thwarting her missions, turning the soul mates against each other and sometimes even killing one. Juliet’s job suddenly becomes more difficult when the specters of their past come to haunt them. Juliet and Romeo’s story has never been so violent, so disastrous, so filled with heart wrenching possibilities as it is in Juliet Immortal. Stacey Jay has taken this timeless tale and spun it anew creating a fast paced YA novel that will keep your eyes glued to the pages for hours!Juliet believes in her work as an Ambassador of Light, but she hates that nothingness state she has to live in between missions. Not because she’s not out there fighting for love, no, but because that is time lost not fighting Romeo. Her current mission involves inhabiting the body of Ariel, a suicidal teen who is the outcast of the school for reasons unknown. Ariel’s best friend Gemma is one of the soul mates. Now all Juliet/Ariel has to do is find the other half and bring them together. Except that when she meets Ben, Gemma’s soulmate, Juliet falls in love.I looooved the idea of a person’s aura reflecting their ‘in love’ status. I sort of spaced out remembering the game Harvest Moon where you had to woo one of the girls in town with gifts and talk, and a little heart would indicate how in love she was with you. The heart had to turn red/pink before you could ask her to marry you. Yeah, soul mates in Juliet Immortal and like that! Moving on.I totally rooted for Ben and Juliet, even if it was forbidden. Not only they worked together and Juliet deserves her happily ever after, but also because Gemma is a bitch. Oh, sweet lord, how I hated that girl. She’s such a horrible friend to Ariel, putting her down, and gossiping behind her back, and treating her like a dog. Gah! Even when Gemma showed concern for Ariel I just didn’t believe it. And then Juliet/Ariel has to bring Ben and Gemma together. Hell no! Ben is too sexy, adorable, and funny to be wasted on Gemma. You fight for your man Juliet! Yes, there is instalove. That dreaded, horrible condition that makes me roll my eyes and gag. Only this time it didn’t. I don’t know if it’s because I wanted Juliet to find someone else, or if it was all Ben’s charm and good nature, but their instalove didn’t bother me at all. I mean this is Juliet Capulet we’re talking about. Of course she’s destined for an epic love!Then there’s Mr. Montague. Romeo, oh Romeo, what a wicked bastard you are. Quoting Shakespeare is so not fair! It might make my knees tremble, but you’re a bit unhinged, my darling. Your evilness is too great and I cannot love you! Seriously, this guy is TROUBLE. There were times though that I would second guess myself. I couldn’t tell if he was being truly honest, or just trying to get his way. In the end, I guess he did have the best intentions at heart, but he didn’t execute them in the best way. Scratch that. He went right past ‘right way’ and straight into ‘off the reservation wrong.’ But even after all that crazy, I really can’t wait to read Romeo Redeemed! The last chapters were such a rush of adrenaline. The truth is revealed, a pistol is shot, an offer turned down, and a cycle broken! The only reason this is getting a 4 and not a full 5 is because the last chapter confused me a bit. I didn’t know if what happened was an ‘interdimensional travel back in time’ kind of thing, or if it was just a version of heaven. Either way would’ve been cool, it’s just not explained. And it still doesn't take away from the fact that Juliet Immortal is a MUST READ book. As in drop everything for the next 24 hours and read it!