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Tempest's Fury (Jane True)

Tempest's Fury  - Nicole Peeler England better ready itself, because Jane True has come over for a visit. Well, not exactly. Together with her hunky barghest Anyan and her super powerful friend Blondie, Jane goes to England to wage war. Together with the help of the rebels and the Alfar Power That Be, Jane True and her friends will race against time as they try to stop Morrigan who's trying to assemble the pieces needed to resurrect ancient evil creatures known as the Red and the White. Jane knows death, destruction, and chaos will reign over the whole world if she doesn't stop Morrigan in time but, how about some little sexy time after battle? Nicole Peeler comes back with another stunning Jane True novel complete with a new cast of characters to root for, new villains to hate and fear, and—what we all wanted—more sexy Anyan time! I think what characterizes the Jane True series aside from the humor is Miss Peeler's use of never-before-used or used-but-now-in-their-original-version supernaturals. So I was really excited to meet this entire new cast of supes—the raven woman, the mine spirit, to the mischievous troll-looking tiny guy, the wyvern—because they were something I'd never encountered before. Add to that the Red and the White, and Tempest's Fury is brilliant mate! Jane has gone through a lot by know and she's grown in so many ways, but there was still something missing…her belief in her own power. As she's thrown into this champion role—a role she so doesn’t want—we get to see how she comes to believe in herself, and trust in her power. It slowly dawns on her that people are actually counting on her, because they believe in her. In that surge of confidence, Jane really shines as a heroine. As for the romance in this book I'm happy to report I wasn't disappointed as I was with the last book. Even in the midst of all the chaos going around them Jane and Anyan manage to find some alone time to talk before anything else happens, and they come to the conclusion that some light dating is in order. Though their dating never comes to much—as with the last book, and much to my irritation, they are always interrupted—they do get in a few stolen moments. And, oh, did Anyan make me swoon! I really wanted to see more of how he would fulfill his promise *wink wink* The ending chapters were an awesome rush. The supes really pull out their magical badassery and Anyan gets to show what he really can do with the Air side of his powers. Jane was fierce with her labrys, hacking things all around. But OMFG I did not see that cliffhanger ending coming. You have slain me Miss Peeler. SLAIN ME. …Now when is book six coming out?