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Eternal Eden (Eden Trilogy, Book One)

Eternal Eden - Nicole  Williams It’s not easy being the new girl at school during senior year, and Lucy is counting down the days until graduation. Rumors fly and lies spread, all thanks to her brief summer romance (and tragedy) with Jude Ryder. Lucy knows she should stay away from the dangerous and hot guy, but somehow she can’t. Will Lucy and Jude overcome the issues and obstacles that come with being in love?Nicole William’s Crash is a fun and quick read, but it left me wanting for something more…or something else. Lucy’s life crumpled when her brother died. Her parents checked out of life, and she’s basically been living and doing things on her own. She loves to dance and aims to attend Juilliard one day but, for that, she needs to stay out of trouble. Only Jude Ryder is all about trouble, and Lucy can’t help herself when it comes to him. I’m going to do this review a bit different and address the characters themselves now, because I found myself wanting to seriously give them a piece of my mind time and time again.Lucy. My first impression of you was that you were a well put together young woman. You knew what you liked, what you wanted, and you were out to get it. And you did. Even when horrible trouble came your way, you stayed strong and fought back, and I admired you. But when it comes to Jude, reason and common sense leaves you. Understandable, but still irritating. Like you first said, you’re as stubborn as you’re a sucker. Hotness of a guy is no reason to stay with him if he has dangerous acquaintances like that. I really think you forgive and forget too easy. Also, you worry about Jude’s anger issues, yet you don’t bother to get your facts right before blowing up? Tut-tut. I thought you weren’t that type of girl.Jude. Darling, the way to a woman’s heart is not by being an ass and having a really short temper. Your anger, the whole red-faced bulging veins bit, is so not attractive, and your territorial streak is very caveman of you. Your methods for impressing a girl could use some work, but since you know how to apologize and make grand gestures, I’ll forgive you that one.Back to review mode now. So, Lucy and Jude were okay characters, but I wasn’t in love. Some of the things that happened to them were too farfetched for me to believe. Lucy gets attack right in front of her house, there’s a dog barking, a fire, yet help doesn’t come. Does she live isolated? Is her property so big no one saw? I don’t know. Then Jude becomes a football star without having ever played the game. I know absolutely nothing about football, but I do know it requires a great deal of practice. So, Jude’s a prodigy? And also, Lucy is supposedly a great dancer, yet we only get one chapter in the whole book where she dances.However, this weren’t the only things that bothered me as I read. My biggest issue with this book was the many clichés that kept happening. I made a list…1. The never rejected hot dude who falls in love by the first female who rejects him.2. The ‘save the cat’ scene. You know that cute scene of the hero recuing an animal/person that endears you to them. It’s used everywhere, I know, but here is a bit too obvious.3. The school and the school stereotypes. Won’t even go into that one.4. Wearing a white cami in the rain…5. Kissing the QB at a game in the rain (might not be a cliché, but it’s from A Cinderella Story)6. Tackling your love and barreling into a janitor closet to make out (it’s from 10 Things I Hate About You)7. Girl’s hair getting caught in guys belt buckle (I’m sure this is also from a movie, but I can’t remember which one)The ending had a horrible twist and I wasn’t at all satisfied with the relative easy way in which it got ‘fixed.’ Also, there a line that Jude says that completely threw me. You never EVER say that to someone you like, love, or whatever. Never. I get it that he was angry, frustrated, and scared, but he should’ve held his tongue. At that point the only one I wasn’t pissed off at was Lucy’s Dad, who turned out to be the voice of reason and wiser than everyone else.Why am I giving this a 3 instead of a 2? Because it’s readable, and it kept me reading in spite of all the things that kept bothering me. Maybe you’ll read it and not even care, or won’t be as acutely away of everything I’ve mentioned above, but I was.