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Valuing Intangible Assets

Valuing Intangible Assets - Robert F. Reilly, Robert P. Schweihs Sera and Luke are twins, but that’s not the only thing that makes them special. You see, Sera has the ability to heal people with a touch and Luke can get glimpses of the future. They’ve spent their entire lives hiding these powers from everyone, even their parents, yet not once have they regretted having these powers. Then Luke gets a vision of Sera’s death, and Sera is unable to heal a loved one in time. Suddenly, their gifts are more like curses. The twins are destined for greatness, but at what cost? Intangible grabbed my attention from the moment I met Sera and Luke. But half way in to the story I lost my enthusiasm, not for the twins but for (mostly) everything else. The following review is based on my reading up to 50% of the story, and then regrettably quitting. Seraphina and Luke Raine, twins with extraordinary powers. Sera has the ability to heal people, but it has the unfortunate side-effect of making the person healed addicted or infatuated with her. For this reason she keeps away from most people, and has never had a relationship. The Marc appears and he’s not affected. Of course, this intrigues Sera, but can she trust him enough? On the other hand, Luke is a seer. He’s very funny and caring. Sera might be the one with the power to heal people, but Luke can certainly do his own healing by being extraordinary kind and thoughtful. Feyth, of the fey people. Her chapters were kind of useless. I know it sounds harsh, but for me, she didn’t add anything. She was just there to remind us that the twins had a destiny and it was her job to protect them. She couldn’t tell them yet, but soon. I really didn’t need someone reminding me that there was stuff I wasn’t understanding because they weren’t giving me all the information. Having Feyth’s POV totally eliminated the tension of not knowing the real story of twins’ past and their future destinies. Jonas, the vampire. I liked that he had facial hair. There aren’t that many characters in YA that appear with beards or goatees, so that was a nice detail to add. His sudden protectiveness towards Sera was sweet, and I liked his backstory explanation for it. I would’ve totally been fine with more Jonas.Marc, the telepath in trouble with the Shadows. His ability to read other people’s thoughts became a problem and so he made a deal with the Shadows. Now they supply him with a substance that subdues his power. In exchange, he has to search for a pair of powerful twins and bring them in. When Marc meets the twins, he realizes being near them blocks his powers without having to take the Shadow’s substance. Now Marc stays close to them as much as he can, but he hadn’t counted on falling for Sera. I think my problem with this story came from having too many POVs. This is purely a personal preference of mine, but I usually don’t like more than two main POVs. More than that and there’s always one or two I end up disliking and totally skipping their scenes. Which is what ended up happening here. The story opens with the twins, which immediately drew me in. I would’ve finished this story with only their side of the story. Then we got Jonas, who was interesting and mysterious, and Feyth who had even more secrets, but she didn’t have that many chapters. Finally there is Marc, who I didn’t care for at all. He had a LOT of chapters and most of the time it’s just him rambling and thinking. The poor boy has more drama going on in his head than a thirteen year old girl. I still giving it a 3 and not a 2 for the fact that it’s an interesting story. I think the world and the prose were well executed, but the way the story is presented from so many sides totally lost my interest. Maybe I didn’t have enough patience with it? Well… I think 50% was enough chance and patience to give. *Arc copy provided by the author*