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Assassin's Curse: The Witch Stone Prophecy (Volume 1)

Assassin's Curse: The Witch Stone Prophecy (Volume 1) - Debra L Martin;David W Small Ananna of the Tanarau is a seventeen year old pirate girl with a soft spot for camels and a hate of beautiful people. Her parents have arranged for her to marry the oldest son of the Hariris, but after spending five minutes with her gorgeous husband-to-be she runs away. But then the Hariris hire an assassin to go after her! Ananna decides to trust an old woman with a magical solution that will get rid of her assassin, but it fails. In the fight that follows, Ananna is sure she will die, only the unexpected happens and she saves the assassin from a poisonous snake. Little does she know that she’s activated a curse that makes Naji, the assassin, need to protect her or else feels terrible pain. Neither is happy with this turn of event, and soon they find themselves journeying across the land searching for a cure.Cassandra Clarke’s The Assassin’s Curse is the perfect mix of pirates, assassin’s, and fantasy! It’s an exhilarating tale filled with sword fights, magic, suspense, and subtle romance. I devoured it in one sitting!Ananna is a sharp-tongued girl who knows what she wants. She wants to make a name for herself as the first female captain in the Confederation, and she knows she’ll never realize her dream by getting married. So she runs away! Her only regret is that she has to leave the ocean and the ships behind and go into hiding. Ananna is very resourceful when she’s on her own, but still she gets into trouble. And when I say trouble, I mean TROUBLE. By saving Naji’s life, she is now bound to the stubborn, mysterious, infuriating, and dangerous assassin.I was fascinated with Naji from the moment he appeared out of the shadows. I’ve never met a ‘hero’ quite like him. He’s super deadly and badass, but he’s also insecure because the scar on his face (and I don’t mean a little knife slash, I mean a fire burn that covers his entire cheek). I wanted to give him a hug every time he tried to cover the scar with his hair. He’s incredibly kind to Ananna…Okay, maybe he is a pain in the ass sometimes, but I think deep down his heart is in the right place.I loved the romance side of the story because it wasn’t in your face. We get Ananna comments on how handsome Naji is, how strong and all that. Then we get Naji doing things for her without really giving an explanation. Also Ananna has to be the reassuring one when he becomes insecure and, really, she ends up protecting him as much as he does her. It’s all very sweet how they never say it, but you just know the attraction and the love is there, even if it’s just in the beginning stages.After that last chapter was done and the tasks were set before them, I was literally squealing with glee. This is going to be one awesomesauce series. There’s so much action and things going on that I literally could not put this down. I had to know what happened next all the time. There’s so many things still left to be explained or further explored. My only wish is that this book comes with a map. I’m a sucker for maps in fantasy stories and I would love to see the layout of this world. But seriously, I cannot wait to read more of Ananna and Neji’s journey!*Arc copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley*