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Forgiven (Demon Trappers)

Forgiven - Jana Oliver Riley Blackthorne has a whole lot of trouble coming her way. She managed to get her father's reanimated body back but now owes Lucifer a favor. Things with Beck are shakier than ever after he found out about the Fallen. And Simon told the Vatican's Demon Hunters that she's an ally of Hell. Things get complicated when demons start banding together and become harder to kill. Armageddon is descending on Atlanta's streets and Riley seems to be the center of it. Demons, Archfiends, Fallen, Archangels and Lucifer himself will come out for this final battle, and somehow she is supposed to stop them all! Forgiven is the third book in The Demon Trapper's saga, and it comes with exciting discoveries, scary events, and a whole lot of action! Riley's life gets more and more complicated. The Demon Hunters are after her, Beck hates her guts, and she has to stop the world from ending. There's still the mystery of the fake holy water to solve, and now the demons are returning as zombies after they're killed. It's all a whirlwind of epic battles, and emotion as Riley gets closer to figuring out what role she plays in the battle between Heaven and Hell. Oh yeah, and she still has school! It's pretty amazing how she juggles all these things, but she never gives up. She's screwed up a couple of things, but now she's ready to stand up and make things right. One of the scenes I loved most is when Peter tells her how stupid she's been and is still being about the whole Beck thing. I was practically cheering that entire page. Though I have to admit Riley has grown as a character, she still jumps the gun to the wrong conclusions when it comes to Beck. Riley and Beck are...Well, I still want to slap them both for their stubbornness. Though in the past Beck did protect her too much, Riley still acted like a brat most of the time, doing things out of spite. So, I guess they're both to blame. At least now they're working on it and being more open and mature about their feelings. It takes the end of the world for them to admit they're head over heels for each other, but hey, whatever works. I've waited three books for that moment when they kiss and now…well, you'll have to read it to find out if I got my wish or not! I wanted to bang my head against the wall with the ending. That reporter really needs to die, preferably at the hands of a Three who rips her apart. Riley was more mature about it than me, and she's going to fight for Beck and I so love her for that! Seriously can't wait to read the next book (which I believe is the final one?)! If you haven't read this series you definitely must, and if you have then I'll tell you now that this series only gets better and better with each book.