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Deity: The Third Covenant Novel

Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout Alexandria’s eighteen birthday is getting closer, and she’s so not ready to become the Apollyon. To make matters worse, every time she and Seth train another mark appears on her body, bringing her closer to her Awakening. If that’s not enough, the Order of Thanatos is out to kill her and at any moment the Council might discover what she did in the Catskills. Troubles come to an all-time high when a revolution springs in their midst and the gods start walking among them. Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Deity comes full of action, intrigue, and much swoon inducing romance. The Covenant series keeps getting better and better. Alexandria is trying to deal with the fact that she will turn into an Apollyon soon. She puts on a brave face, when the fact is that she’s scared. Then a note comes with news that leave her reeling. For a moment a worried that Alex was still going to be the hardheaded, impulsive girl who rushes into things. But she’s grown, and though she still has the impulse to charge into battle, she realizes she has to stop and think first. Of course, a warning from Aiden it’s all it takes to calm her down. The romance in this book made the pages sizzle with tension. After a deadly close call, Aiden realizes there’s no way he can live without Alex. There’s really no turning back when he finally admits her love for her. Then there’s Seth… OMG, Seth is really such a douchenozzle. I can’t believe I fell for him in Pure. But like Alex, I still think there’s something worth saving. The Covenant series has just won top shelf honor on my bookshelf. It’s the twists and turns in the story that keep it moving, and the characters that stand out and shout out of those pages. Of course, it’s a Jennifer L. Armentrout novel so you can expect no less.