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American Pharaoh: Mayor Richard J. Daley - His Battle for Chicago and the Nation

American Pharaoh: Mayor Richard J. Daley - His Battle for Chicago and the Nation - Adam Cohen Black City has just come out of a war. The place is devastated in most places, there's poverty, discrimination, and a whole lot of black from the fire's that ravaged the city. The Darklings—a race of vampire-like creatures—have been segregated and forced to live behind a walled ghettos so that they don't mix with the humans and provide them with Haze—the drug their bite provides. Thought they've been promised food and essentials, they're left to live in horrible conditions slowly dying from the deadly Wrath virus. When a new form of the drug called Golden Haze makes its way to the humans and they start to die, the streets of Black City will tremble again with the talk of another war. Ash Fisher is the only half-blood Darkling allowed to live inside the wall. He's always felt out of place among the humans, what with not having a heartbeat and all that, until the day he meets the girl with the cornflower blue eyes and his heart flutters for the first time in his life. After her father is killed by one, Natalie Buchanan firmly believes Darklings to be monsters, but as she gets to know Ash her beliefs will crumble and her heart will be shaken. The only problem is that human and Darkling relationships are a capital offence, and the punishment is death. War, oppression, lies, fanatic and religion, forbidden love, the Wrath virus, and a million other things make Black City one of the coolest dystopian debuts this year. Elizabeth Richard manages to bring back the vampires of old—fang baring, blood-drinking, burning in the sun vamps—with creative twists that makes them her own. The different breeds of Darklings were both beautiful and terrifying. The punishment for associating with them was horrifying and heartbreaking. This fast paced, action packed story of forbidden love full of shocking twists and turns will leave begging for more! The only reason I give this a 4 out of 5 is for the times where I found the dialogue a bit too stiff, almost as if the characters were reading the lines instead of saying what they wanted to say. I also found myself wishing some scenes to be drawn out more, to let the emotions that I was feeling run a bit deeper instead of just cutting to the chase and moving on. But overall I found this to be an amazing debut and a great addition to my favorite YA dystopian novels! *I received this ARC from the publisher*