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Tracking the Tempest (Jane True)

Tracking the Tempest (Jane True) - Nicole Peeler Having overcome past guilt issues regarding the death of her first love and having accepted that she is half supernatural being, now Jane has to juggle with a whole new set of growing problems; from understanding the place Halflings really have in the Alfar community, to deciphering where she stands in the eyes of her lover and the growing seriousness of their relationship, to the awkward feelings that surge every time Anyan the dog-man appears. This next installment didn’t fail to please as it brings in an exciting new cast of characters, all part of Ryu’s investigation team, and a new nemesis. The story is placed in Boston, where Jane and the team race all over the city trying to get to the next victim before they become toast, literally. Inconsistencies in the murders lead them to consider that there are two sets of killers, and Jane believes one is closer that they think.Be prepared to take on the heat in this next Jane True novel. Nicole Peeler draws you in with much humor, lots of quality time with Jane’s smoking hot vampire boyfriend, and a murder investigation of the supernatural pyromaniac killer kind.In the end, the question is… Will her vampire man’s love bites be enough to make Jane settle, or will she move on craving ones of a more canine nature?