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Love in the Time of Dragons: A Novel of the Light Dragons

Love in the Time of Dragons - Katie MacAlister I’ll make this a short review since, like all Katie MacAlister’s dragon books, this was a short and fun read. If you’ve read her other books you’ll love this one too. If you haven’t read them then I recommend reading the others first otherwise you’ll be lost in this one. The Light Dragon series expands on the story of Ysolde and Baltic, and the whole issue of the Dragon War. Tully is very feisty, she’s right up there with Aisling in temperament, and with May in knowing how to deal with dragons. She also has no memory whatsoever about her being Ysolde, and the only way she will know for sure is to ask Baltic (Ysolde’s mate). It only takes a look and a touch for her to realize that the man named Baltic really has a deeper connection to her. It was nice to see Baltic portrayed in a different light, and not as the psycho murdering dragon he’s been in the past novels. He really cares about Tully/Ysolde, and even accepts her son Brom claiming him as his own. It was also funny to see him disturbed at her peculiar sex fantasies. New characters include Tully’s son, Brom, who is a weird little kid with a fascination for mummifying things. Pavel, Baltic’s gay bodyguard whom Tully fantasizes about. All the main characters from the past books make an appearance, including Jim the demon dog who’s my favorite sidekick ever.I guess my only issue would be the flashbacks at the beginning. It made it really hard to get into the story. But once I got pass those, and the story picked up then I did really enjoy it like all the other Dragon Books.