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The Iron King (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa Meghan Chase wished to finish high school, get a car, and leave her small town forever. It’s not that she doesn’t love her family. She does, especially her little brother. Meghan just feels there is so much more out there in the world to see. And boy was she ever right! On her sixteenth birthday her wish sort of came true. You see faeries kidnapped Meghan’s brother and took him to faery land, her best friend is a famous faery trickster, and she is faery too! Meghan will have to venture into the beautiful but deadly Nevernever to rescue her brother. Along the way she’ll meet devious allies, deal with beautiful enemies, and discover her true heritage.Julie Kagawa has managed to do what no other author could. She has made me fall in love with faeries! From the creepy changeling kid to the scary wild fey, from the awesome fey magic that rocked my world to the characters themselves. I can’t get enough of it. Especially the magic battles! Like the one between Puck and Ash. The illusions, the element manipulation, and the action were skillfully written. I could feel the energy coming in waves off the page! So exciting! Also, I must bow to Julie Kagawa for having the idea of the Iron Fey. I’ve read the myths that say that iron is deadly to the fey, but to actually have Iron Fey. Brava! It’s really original, and I think the underlying message of the iron corrupting the Nevernever (aka Nature) makes the story a whole lot cooler. Now I’ve talked about the fey world, the action and magic, but what about the characters? Powerful, rich and so full of life! Meghan is very brave even when facing the scary unknown. She will risk her life to save those she loves. Ash, oh Ash, I too want to fall into your arms every five minutes. I found him to be a complex character, always waging war between his emotions and his duty. Puck is just a ball of fun all the time…until he is not. He is very carefree but shows great emotion when it comes to Meghan and her safety. Another character that I loved was Grimalking. I totally saw him as a version of Alice’s Chershire cat! Very devious too. I am so happy to have given this series a chance, even though I didn’t care much for faeries. This kind of original story writing and world building genius is seldom found. The Iron Fey series has everything I could ever ask for in a series, and more. Maybe I’m not an all faeries fan, but now I’m certainly an Iron Fey fan.