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Firelight - Sophie Jordan In the fourth grade we got a homework assignment where we had to pick our favorite animal and write a short paragraph about it. I, of course, picked a dragons. Oh a bit of info, I studied at a Catholic school. Enough to say that I got a big fat F not only because dragons are not real, but because they’re considered demonic. Oh well. That only increased my love for them and to this day you can ask me point blank which is my fave animal and I’ll say dragon. ^__^’ So, reading the blurb on Firelight I was immediately excited. Finally! A YA book about dragon shifters! The story starts well enough. Jacinda hates how she is treated like a prize or a possession in the draki community she lives in. She is all rebellious and wanting to change her life. Then because of her rebel attitude, she gets into deep trouble almost getting trapped by draki hunters. It’s horrible how they’re hunted like animals. The hunters even refer to them as ‘it’! So in an effort to save Jacinda from the hunters and the pride, her mom forces her to leave the drake community. They move to a desert kind of place, and then all Jacinda can think about is returning to the pride. Her mother believes she is doing the best, but for heaven’s sake killing a part of your daughter’s being is never the solution. I’m glad Jacinda resisted her and found a way to keep her draki alive.After that I kind of got lost in Jacinda, because honestly I didn’t get her…at all. Her inner monologue changed between utterly broken and depressed, to cunning, heartless, and callously using Will. The she would open her mouth and was totally in your face, and in control. A little bipolar? Maybe. Then there’s the issue of Will. Jacinda starts by using the poor guy, because through him she can keep the draki alive. She doesn’t even care for him seriously until the very last chapters. All the time is ‘I will stay close to Will, so I can keep my draki alive’ or ‘I will stay close to Will, so I can find other prides to which I can move to’ or my favorite ‘I will stay close to Will, so I can get more information on him and the hunters’. Oh and this is a true quote, “All he can ever be for me is a temporary fix.” What can I say? At least she was being up front about it, I’ll give her that. Still, poor Will. Oh and the indecision! I just wanted to screat at her “Stop torturing Will Jacinda! And stop torturing me with your indecisions!” I love him, I love him not. I can be with him, I can’t be with him. Someone please make the decision for me because I’m too scared to go after what I want. I just wanted to slap her and point to Will, because that is where she belonged the whole time. Will. Sweet, loving, sexy, humble, persistent Will. You so did not deserve to be treated like that. That’s alright though. You persevered, listened to your heart and though you doubted you never gave up. It was actually kind of scary the intensity he has for her. If I keep reading this series, it will be because of you. Oh…um sorry. You and Cassian. At first I didn’t like Mr. tall-dark-and-cocky, what with the arranged marriage and everything. But Jacinda’s later interactions with Cassian left me with mixed feelings about him. I think he has the best intentions, but just like Jacinda says he will always put the pride’s will before his own. Overall I have mixed feelings about Firelight. Some things I liked, some things I didn’t. I think I will read book two, but I’m still debating it. Still, I would recommend it to any dragon obsessed lovers out there.