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Pure - Julianna Baggott Pure is set a future where the Earth has been devastated by bombs. Some people managed to get inside the Dome, and are now living under strict rules and regulations. There are also survivors on the outside that have somehow mutated, fused together with things and other beings. It was confusing at first, but it’s a cool grotesque imagery presented when I finally understood what was happening. Pressia, the flesh-tailor’s granddaughter, is a survivor on the outside and she is turning sixteen, an age when the people are taken off the streets and taken away to train in camps. Partridge lives in the Dome, and his father is someone important there. I liked Partridge when he spoke to his dad, he is quite a smartmouth. He wants to go outside the Dome to find his mother, whom he believes is still alive.This sounds all kinds of awesome and interesting, and it is. That is, the idea of it all is pretty cool but then the execution wasn’t. Written in third person POV present tense, for me the narration not only felt awkward but also lifeless. Like the narrator was just spewing out facts, and stating things. There was no emotion, no feeling to it. My mind kept wandering away because I just didn’t give a damn about Pressia’s grandfather telling her all about the pony she got for her second birthday. There a lot of chatter of inconsequential things like this.I gave up half-way through the book.