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Clockwork Angel (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Angel  - Cassandra Clare It all starts with the dashing Will Herondale and the ethereal James ‘Jem’ Carthakis. Both Shadowhunders are doing a routine demon hunt when they stumble upon the corpse of a young lady. It’s a horrible mystery which they cannot help but investigate. Switch POVs and we have Tessa Gray, who came to London at the request of her brother. She has been held captive for six weeks now by a pair of evil sisters, during which time Tessa has discovered powers she never knew she—or anyone else—could have. The Dark Sisters think she is finally ready to meet The Magister and become his bride. As Tessa tries to escape for the second time, she meets Will who is there following a lead on the murder. After a fierce battle against the sisters a deeper plot will be revealed; one that involves automatons, the breaking of the Accords, demons, and the unique powers that Tessa has. I know this is a point that bothers most people but I really like how the Infernal Instruments echoes The Mortal Instruments. Tessa has a certain spark, not a Clary kind of spark but still one. Though it is somewhat subdued by the conventions of the era, Tessa’s ideas are about to change as she takes on this strange new world. It became a bit infuriating at times the way she would go on and on commenting about what a woman should and shouldn’t do. I say, to hell with conventions! Most of what Tessa knows has comes from the novels she so loves to read and not personal experience. It’s no wonder then, that all she spouts at the beginning is propriety nonsense. However after a short time with the Shadowhunters, we can see Tessa changing her ways. By the end she’s ready to be Boadicea herself, and sacrifice herself for others. As always love the quotes before each chapter. As an English Major I read most of them in college, and it’s nice to see them here taken out of context. I also love it when Will starts quoting literature. He might be a bloody bastard sometimes, but good Lord is that boy fine. And those glimpses we get where he is at his most vulnerable make me feel as if he is really worth it. There’s just something holding him back from opening up to people, hopefully that will be explained further in the trilogy. On the other hand, Jem is the complete opposite of Will. He is so kind and loving and poetic with his words—really insightful. I could see Tessa falling for him eventually if Will doesn’t get his act together.My favorite character, Magnus Bane, makes an appearance however a short one. I almost keeled over when he made the comment about how “Black hair and blue eyes are his favorite combination.” Great prediction on the future, as we know Alec is the lucky boy who gets Magnus. Overall I liked re-reading this book, but I still find it more subdued than The Mortal Instruments. The plot was quite intriguing and now I can’t wait to read Clockwork Prince!