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Blood Red Road (Dustlands, Book 1)

Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, #1) - Moira Young After a grueling string of writing disappointing reviews I was starting to think there was something wrong with me. After reading Blood Red Road, I know everything is fine. This book doesn't deserve a 5 out of 5. It deserves a 10 with golden stars twinkling on top…or maybe little Neros circling around it. From the prose, to the characters, to the world, you'll be sucked into Saba's world from page one. And trust me, you won't want to leave after such a thrilling adventure. When Lugh—Saba's twin brother—is captured she turns cold, and I don't mean on the outside I mean on the inside. She throws all her beliefs out the window, and her life is no longer important. Saba turns reckless, and deadly, because all that matters is finding her twin. But she has a small problem to take care of first. Her little sister Emmi, whom Saba deeply resents. No matter how hard she tries though, she's stuck with her little sis. Toguether with her pet crow Nero and Emmi, Saba will embark on the journey of her life time. A journey that will change her forever. Saba is one of my favorite characters this year. Mainly because she's flawed, but also because she's such a strong person. She never gives into despair, though she allows herself moments to cry she always find something to keep going on. Even while she's forced to participate in cage fights, she's always thinking of her brother and sister and how she needs to get out to help them. That's why she embraces the nickname Angel of Death, because the only way to survive is by becoming the monster everyone fears. The flaws—hating her sister, crippling attachment with Lugh, rejecting any kind of help—she grows out of them. And seeing a character grow like that is just amazing. While she's held captive for the cage matches, she meets the Jack. Handsome, funny, brave, can sing, and is totally in love with Saba. I have no words to describe how perfect he is for Saba. He just is. He knows she can take care of herself, he's not afraid of telling her when she's being rude or thickheaded, and his manner actually makes her stop and think for a second, something she usually doesn't. But seeing how her father grew weak after her mother's death, makes Saba wary of any sort of attempted friendship, or love. So Jack will have to fight to win her over…Bloody Jack. What is it with him? What is it about him that he seems to charm everybody an everythin that crosses his path? Ash an pretty well every other Free Hawk, my sister an now my damn crow. I swear, if there was a rock in his path that he couldn't be bothered steppin over, all he'd hafta do was give it one look an it'd roll outta the way.Not me though. I don't roll outta the way fer nobody. Not even him. Especially not fer him.Okay, he'll have to fight real hard to win Saba over. But man did I enjoy watching stubborn Saba fight the inevitable. A character that had me scratching my head in confusion, nay, curiosity was DeMalo. He's the captain of the Tonton guards and thus a villain. Now, was it me or was he throwing some mysterious and sexy vibes every time he crossed paths with Saba? And after what he did in the end, I so want to get to know him. I hope we get to see more of him next time! The other characters were great too, Emmi, Ike, Tommo, the Free Hawks. Hell, even the animals Saba's crow Nero and her horse Hermes were great characters. Exciting and full of action, Saba's quest will have you on the edge of your seat with every problem that comes her way. A fierce heroine, a handsome rogue, and an unlikely band of friends will get together to change the fate of their world, and rock yours. What's the new word being used around? UNPUTDOWNABLE.