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Hourglass - Myra McEntire After her parent’s death Emerson’s took a downward spiral. It has been some time now since she came back home, and now that she’s back her brother is once again trying to help her. You see, Emerson has a peculiar ability to see the dead (or so she thinks). This is how she meets the handsome Michael, who’s hired by her brother to help her deal with her ability. Michael’s explanations leave Emerson with more and more questions, some which he seems reluctant to answer. No matter how distracted Emerson might be by his gorgeous self, she’s determined not to be kept in the dark by his elusive answers. When Emerson follows Michael one day, she’ll find herself in the center of a power struggle among the members of the Hourglass. Emerson was such a fun character to read. Like she says, her ‘edit button’ is broken so she’s incredibly blunt. She’s literally a fighter, she has a brown karate belt and she can easily can flip men over her back. Emerson is a very strong person too, after going through so much she’s still standing and fighting and dealing with stuff. However, she doesn’t see herself that way. It’s Michael who’s constantly making her see she’s not crazy. Handsome Michael is swoon worthy in every way. He has long-ish black hair, dark eyes, olive skin, full lips, toned body, and speaks Italian. Their love is electric, as in lamps will blow up when they’re seriously touching or kissing. They’re so made for each other. Though I did like the romance, and Emerson and Michael, there are a couple of things I wish had been included in this story. I wanted Emerson’s friend Lily to have a more active role. She looked to be a pretty awesome and fun friend, and she has a pretty useful ability. Also, I wanted to get more Kaleb time. Good lord, give me fan because that boy is fine. He’s the opposite of Michael; rebellious, tattooed, with violet-blue eyes, and because six packs don’t just cut it anymore, he has an eight pack! I also wanted to see more time traveling action, and this was only addressed in the last part of the book. Hourglass was a fun read. I enjoyed Emerson as a main character; she’s hilarious. The romance was tempting enough, and the boys made me swoon. Those ending chapters really made my heart race with the fast paced action, betrayal, and hopelessness of it all. I'm really excited for the next book in the series Timepiece.